Running Android Apps in Background Mode

Both the manufacturer of your phone and the Android Operating System have worked very hard to extend the battery life of your device. Unfortunately the only way they know how to do this is by shutting off any app that appears to be using the battery unnecessarily. This affects every application that wants to run in the background — like the Big Ben Bongers. This means that if your device is running Android 9 or higher (which includes most devices), you may have to make some Settings changes to keep Big Ben working when it is minimized.

But note: You may not need to deal with this at all. If Big Ben Bonger runs properly when you minimize the app, all is well. If however the app shuts down as soon as you minimize it, or shortly thereafter, then this procedure should help.

The exact steps you need to make Big Ben happy when minimized depends on your device. Different manufacturers have structured their Settings Menu in different ways, so it's not possible to have a "one-size-fits-all" set of instructions that will work for all Android devices. Below we have tried to provide instructions for devices running Android 9 and up. Even though your exact device may not be listed below, you can still use these examples to get an idea of what settings you might need to change on your phone.

For Big Ben to work properly, these are the settings that you may need to change:

I know this sounds like a lot of screwing around, but the steps aren't that hard — and you'll only have to do this once. Check out the instructions below. They list the steps needed to adjust settings for various popular devices.

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